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  Social Media Buzz & Influence ( Download Now )
Eddy Yansen kick things off by considering if and how a social media users sphere of influence should be considered as part of their lifetime customer value. Then Eddy also examine Internet giant Google’s latest foray into the social space, Google Buzz.

Internet Privacy Implications ( Download Now )
Eddy Yansen discuss Dr. Ann Cavoukian interview, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada about how the Commission forced Facebook to alter its privacy provisions, plus they discuss personal threats to individuals stemming from loss of privacy, the future of privacy, technologies and consumer education.

Convertion Rate Optimization ( Download Now )
Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO. What is it? How do you do it? Where do you start? Hiconversion CEO Zee Aganovic, a serial software technology entrepreneur interested in all things related to use of technology in online marketing, tells us all about it.

Triple Your Profits ( Download Now )
Eddy Yansen reveals Beth Schneider of helps us discover how to take your existing business, your existing team, the marketing you are already doing and everything else youve got at your disposal… and squeeze 2-3 times the results from them by following her simple, yet amazing, Step-By-Step System.

High Convertion Tips for Your Online Store ( Download Now )
Learn some of the latest tips and advice for getting the highest conversions for your online store. What pages you should be optimizing? learn how to prioritize your pages. Find out what are the major challenges online store owners face when increasing their conversion rates


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