Promo Imlek 2010 CITYWEB CITYWEB is creating award winning developer CITYWEB is creating facebook application, custom facebook fanspage and yahoo developer CITYWEB is creating IPhone application and Blackberry application CITYWEB is Google Analytics Qualified Professional and Google Adwords Qualified Professional

Page Assistant : Cityweb is building strategic alliance with international company to provide world class web design and digital media solutions to you.

CITYWEB has a network of dedicated partners, each bringing their special expertise and products. These world-class agencies have been instrumental in the development and operation of CITYWEB in delivering our integrated services.

Interspire is a global leader in e-commerce and email marketing software for SMEs, digital agencies and ISPs. Over 40,000 organizations rely on Interspire software to sell online, launch content-driven web sites and profit from automated email marketing.

SOFTPRESS, an innovative “virtual” publication tool that brings pages to life and transforms the world of publishing at the click of a button. The first e-paper services used by

Digicert as a WebTrust-Certified certificate authority and an active member of the CA/Browser Forum, Online Trust Alliance, Anti-Phishing Working Group, and the W3C Consortium, they are SSL provider in securing online transactions.

Netcore, A leading Linux-based Messaging & Security suite with an install base of 1000+ locations globally, Emergic MailServ (EMS) is both a Linux based e-mail server and a collaboration server. EMS also incorporates Proxy Server, Firewall, Anti-Virus, Chat Server in addition to others.

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Biindit is leading advertising network and technology provider for
e-commerce and e-business tools.

Biindit Advertising Network
Biind Social Network Marketing Short URL

Officeplus Smart Office
Officeplus is our ebusiness training center and workstation provider.

Virtual Indonesia Hosting Services
Virtual is our datacenter and our dedicated hosting services.