CITYWEB is creating award winning developer CITYWEB is creating facebook application, custom facebook fanspage and yahoo developer CITYWEB is creating IPhone application and Blackberry application Promo Imlek 2010 CITYWEB CITYWEB is Google Analytics Qualified Professional and Google Adwords Qualified Professional

Page Assistant : CITYWEB can help you build brand presence in Social Media like Facebook, Youtube and Blogs.


CITYWEB entire focus is on pay per click marketing and lead generation campaigns. We know B2B search marketing like the back of our hand and use that expertise to help businesses generate qualified leads, lower costs and improve ROI.

Our goal in working with any company is to understand your needs & key metrics. Whether you're looking to use search engine marketing to increase lead generation, reduce your cost/lead, improve lead quality, or a little bit of all of the above, We will work toward your goals to achieve results that will win business for your company and make you look like a rockstar internally.

Most of the companies We've worked with realize they're behind on search engine marketing, but just don't know how to catch up. They're not tracking results or the results they are seeing are so far off the mark that fixing the problems seems impossible. But, within days to a few weeks of beginning the optimization, We've found measurable, solid improvements to their campaigns.


At CITYWEB, we recognise that growing companies often do not have the time and in-house expertise required to support their expansion. Our knowledgeable PPC team focuses exclusively on creating online advertising campaigns tailored to the individual needs of our clients with the sole aim of growing their profile and drive their revenue expansion online.  We use advanced tools to monitor and track campaign performance providing our clients with the information and support required to make excellent business decisions.



Are you interested in obtaining more qualified traffic so customers will convert once they are on your site? As a full service PPC management solution, CITYWEB can assist in these areas and many more. Plus, you get a chance to fully harness the power of PPC, including its quick results, instant traffic, paying only when a prospective customer clicks on your ad, the chance to try different keywords, titles, and descriptions.

What can we do :
Increase your traffic by up to 200%
Decrease your cost per conversion up to 70%
Increase your lead quality – better qualified prospects
Monitor your account for click fraud
Grow your business!

Why should I hire a Google Advertising Professional?
Like many advertisers, you may not have a significant amount of time to invest in learning AdWords and managing your own advertising account. Hiring a professional can help save you time while maximizing the return on your investment.

Google Advertising Professionals have invested time training and using AdWords to become certified, and using their expertise may benefit your campaigns and help generate new leads and business from Google advertising programs.

In choosing a Google Advertising Professional, you should consider your core advertising needs and try to match them with a professional's services. You can look for someone who may be able to provide the services you're looking for with Google Professionals Search.

CITYWEB is Google Advertising Professional that provide you with this services :


Our management fees are completely transparent and based on industry standards. We charge a flat monthly management fee for all work, such as that described above. These costs are a flat fee based on a percentage of your advertising budget.

our fees is 10-20%, with a $500/month minimum, depending on the complexity and size of the campaign. This allows compensation according to the amount of work for an account, yet since it is a flat fee, your business goals and our fees aren’t in conflict. Our fees are set at the beginning of a contract and then adjusted quarterly based on any budget alterations.

For performance enhancing digital projects, effective strategies and enviable results, talk to us today!

CITYWEB has received distinction from Google as a skilled and experienced professional. ( Clik here to verify ).

Link you Google Adwords account to our client center today and get one-time keyword setup and analysis, and reporting setup for free.