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Page Assistant : CITYWEB can help you build brand presence in Social Media like Facebook, Youtube and Blogs.

Social media Web site traffic and user interaction is growing by leaps and bounds each month and presents a wonderful opportunity for companies seeking to expand their online exposure and brand awareness capabilities. While other search engine marketing companies view Social Media Marketing as a means to simply create Link Bait or aid their client's reputation management efforts; CITYWEB views Social Media Marketing as an opportunity to help its customers build an effective Universal Search strategy utilizing all forms of their non-text digital assets. Viewing Social Media Marketing in this manner allows cityweb's clients to be at the forefront of the social media revolution.

Facebook Marketing and Management is an essential strategy that gains additional exposure and improves your viral marketing results. It was initially built for college students and has grown into one of the most popular social networking websites of all times. In fact it’s ranked as the largest social network and is now open to anyone and everyone with more than 300 million users ( 16 million from Indonesia ). Facebook allows users to create profiles which leads to promoting and by doing so; one can interact with other Facebook members, write blogs, join groups and post multimedia.

Having a Facebook page is an essential strategy in Facebook Promotion which results in a large following of friends to convey your message through the Internet’s most popular social networking website. We can create a “fan page” that will allow users to get up-to-date information on your company and add multimedia and text on your page. Facebook has a lot of potential for entrepreneurs as well as businesses that are looking to target a certain audience due to the distribution of Facebook ads.

YouTube Marketing and Management is an essential strategy in order to gain additional exposure and improve your viral marketing results. With more than 6 billion monthly video views, we can develop a large following of friends to convey your message through the Internet’s most dominant online video provider.

Using a YouTube Strategy has been a great tool many viral marketers are using to gain exposure for their company. With more than 100 million daily views, we can use the site to create interesting video content to spread the word about your company. We offer consulting and marketing of your company’s YouTube video through video optimization for a greater presence on the major search engines.

One of the key features YouTube has to offer is the ability to take YouTube videos and post them onto blogs and other social networking websites. We can use these videos to increase website hits when people view them on YouTube or other websites.

Facebook offer Pay Per Click Advertising as a unique and cost-effective way to drive quality traffic targeting the main demographics of the Social Media campaign. In each case where Pay Per Click Advertising is applicable, Cityweb will setup an advertiser account with each Social Networking website that will target the main campaign demographics and supply an appropriate budget for the Social Media campaign’s duration. The demographics based placement is one of the most unique features of Facebook Ads and other Social Communities. You can target users by Age, Gender, Location, Education, Interests, Keywords, Language Spoken, Relationship Status, etc... You can then gauge how the ad is performing through detailed analytics like impressions, click through rate, cost per click, etc... In some cases, some of the Social Communities like Facebook and StumbleUpon incorporate a rating system that allows their users to rate the ad which helps our client’s gain crucial feedback while their Social Media campaigns are running and make any modifications that will enhance their campaigns.

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